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Please take a look at some of the work we've done below. Feel free to contact us with questions. Click the image to see a screen shot of the site.

Specific Media

I am a senior developer at Specific Media. Working in concert with a graphic designer I remade the website to support 4 regions (US, UK, France and Germany) in the space of only a few short weeks. The project was phenomenally successful and I am very proud of the result.

The challenge in creating a website like this lies in the compromise between being faithful to the designer's original vision while at the same time creating code that is compliant with all major web browsers as well as the W3C, the web's standard's body. I am very knowledgeable of all of the tiny differences that make this possible and I have excellent attention to detail.

South Coast Roadrunners

This is a website for my running club that I designed and programmed. It highlights my design ethos in that I tried to make it very accessible, intuitive and logical to a wide variety of web users. I am particularly proud of the Grand Prix Excel-like viewer I made. The code also reflects some of the more current programming standards reflected by the web's standards body the W3C. This is the equivalent of making sure the shiny wax coated automobile has a powerful engine under the hood.

Paiste America, Inc.

This is the web site for one of the 3 largest cymbal manufacturers in the world. This was my previous career a few years ago and they were so satisfied that I continued to develop their site for them as a consultant. This site features a database for the artists and news which allows these items to be sorted and searched quite easily. International dealers and distributors are also dynamic. I have transitioned many pages to use style sheets and file includes to make updates easily implemented. There is an administrative backend that allows authorized personnel to change content on the web site.

Karla Adams

This was a small project for a local personal trainer to create calculators to calculate BMI, pace, race performance, etc. This is a small example of my ability to produce specialized applications for your business. It also benefits from my 17 years of experience with running and fitness.

Rotary Steerable Tools

This is a straightforward web site for a company that has invented and produced a revolutionary project for the oil drilling industry. The original design was not mine but it has benefited from numerous improvements. I have changed many features and concentrated on making the site smaller, faster and cross-browser compatible. I also modified some media files such as powerpoint and macromedia flash to be more useful.

Bio-Tech Systems

This is a web site for a company that creates Medical Research Reports. I upgraded the site significantly without dramatically altering the layout or look because my customer was satisfied with the original design. I converted the site to use styles, implemented file includes to aid future changes and added a "send to a friend" feature. I also added a search feature and improved the contact us and order pages dramatically. In addition, I changed the file formats available from .exe and .zip to .doc and .pdf so that search engines could index this material and improve search results. Finally, I added and continue to maintain a Google adwords advertising campaign.


This is a new web site for a company that offers massage and teaches massage classes. This web site allows my customer to add massage classes, sales, faqs, and other content. The web site is clean and easy to navigate. The contact form is integrated with the FAQ, so it is easy to add a question and answer as a result of a customer query.

Fleet Feet Sports - Houston

I created this web site from scratch. Currently the site is mostly static. A scheduled upgrade will make use of SQL Server 2000 to offer dynamic content. I also administer a mailing list with 3000 users who have signed up for sales and store news. The site uses Atomz.com as a search engine.

Michael Gomez for HISD

This web site was created for a local politician in pursuit of a position on the school board. It used an Access database to provide dymanic content such as News items.
(web site not available)

Run Wild Sports Timing

This web site is for a company that specializes in providing timing services for athletic events. I designed the site from scratch and modified the logo from a previous design. The web site is static but makes use of file includes to aid maintenance. It uses simple mail forms to send data for the "contact us" and "request a quote" pages.

Texas Fraternal Order of Police

This website is for a non-profit organization. I created a complete site overhaul several years ago and added many administrative and membership features. There is an administrative interface to change various things on the website. There is a random image generator in the upper right corner of the page. There is an events database and gallery database as well. The membership features allow members to communicate anonymously with one another.
(web site not available)

Alamo Industrial

This is a website for a company that makes industrial vegetation management equipment. I was the principle programmer on this project. I chose a cross browser compatible navigation that could be "populated" from database entries. There are special features that can only be accessed by dealers and other areas that can only be accessed by administrators. The dealer database is organized by county which uses third party exported data.

Methodist Healthcare Pre-Registration

This website was created to securely allow patients to pre-register before visiting the hospital. It is a very large form but much effort went into making it easy to fill out and validate. Nothing is worse than filling out a huge form, forgetting one item, and losing your entered data. There is an administrative back end so that authorized users can download the pre-registrations in batch form.

When Children Have Cancer

The challenge for this website was to make it bilingual while at the same time making the whole site easy to change via an administrative back end. Using a combination of querystrings and sessions, the content and language are kept in memory. The navigation also changes when the language changes. The backend is SQL Server 2000.

Kelly's Events

This is a small boutique site that allows parents to sign up to bring food, drink and other items to a party. When they do, a notification email is sent to the event's coordinator. It uses a MySQL backend and PHP. This is an example of a very simple but useful site that can be changed very easily for different events.
(web site not available)


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